Centrifugal Fans – AMCA certified

Plug Fan / E.C. Fans

Forward Curve Fan

Backward / Aerofoil Blade Fan

Flexible Connection
(Double layer flexible connection is provided to isolate the centrifugal fan from the casing.)

Taper lock pulley

vibretion isolators
(The fan section of all the AHUS are having anti vibration mounts specially designed to maintain the vibration as per the international standards.)

Aluminium Extrusions Frame Work

(Filter are as pen EN 779 std. any filter grade from EU – 4 to EU – 14 can be used to get the desired filtration. Units can have pre filter, bag filters, fine filters and hepa filters in the standard basic system.)

Drain Pan

Drain Pump

(Drain pans are of stainless steel, having intermediate slope and drain outlet is of S.S. of suitable size for complete removal of condensate. They are pre-insulated from outside or are sandwich – insulated. Mini drain pump can also be used be used for quick removal of condensate in critical space.)


External U.V. Protected Panel

Acousic Insulated Panel

PUF Insulated Panel


PVC Eliminators
(PVC mist eliminators having 2, 4, 6 bends.)

Base Frame
(Formed channel form heavy gauge GI sheet steel, having proper grid to support the entire weight of the AHU.)

(Hinged type or Openable panels type.)

U.V. Lights
(U.V. light can also be provided to kill the bacteria and other contaminations to achieve better indoor air quality.)